We take creative risk to produce an epic musical experience that will not be forgotten so easily. Through our visions and unique brand of programming, we can guarantee you will engage new audiences. Through production of concerts & workshops and many other gatherings, we aim to inspire our community and the general public alike.


We provide music programming for venues or events that wants quality live music entertainment with a constant development of audiences. As a leading company of its kind, besides the eclectic roster of evolving acts, we provide strategic analysis, financial & marketing advices and action plans which brings you longevity and the branding no other company can offer.



We create and organise in-house music events by conceptualizing ideas that would inspire the community - from sourcing out suitable venue, managing artists, finding right partners and new audiences. We produce experiences that is so unique yet accessible, you can't resist but keep coming back.



Bon Goût Music offers consulting services for clients on a wide variety of music-related projects such as live music programming(venue, concert, festivals)especially around jazz. Talk to us about marketing tips, workshop curation and concert tour overseas.



We have plenty of experiences in bilingual services especially in in arts - translation/interpretation, jingle writing/voice overs in English and Japanese. See our portfolio page to see what we've done.


Inquiry : info@bongoutmusic.com