We are creative.

Upon committing to the project, we take creative risk to make an epic musical experience that people will remember for years. We take care of everything from finding suitable venues with perfect ambience to promote the event to the right crowd. We organise concerts, workshops and many other gatherings and through these platforms, we aim to inspire our community, hard. 


We are so connected.

Bon Goût Music is known for its phenomenal breadth of network, ranging from Asia, Europe, North & South America and beyond. We are passionate about connecting creative individuals from disparate backgrounds for new and unexpected chemistries. We pride ourselves on creating eclectic new movements through exciting projects within and way beyond the music industry.


We love thinking.

Beyond creating our own events, Bon Goût Music is a solution provider that offers consulting services for clients on a wide variety of music-related projects. We are SO open minded and constantly kneading for new ideas, let us share our decades of experience and knowledge, to add edge & value to your projects.

and more

In addition, Bon Goût Music as a collective have a long history of bilingual experiences(Japanese & English) in Singapore : translation & simultaneous interpretation, jingle writing & voice over, tour management and many many more. See what we have done so far.

So Contact us. Tell us what you have in mind. Let's see what we can do together.