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[Get On The Road] Panel Discussion at Aging Youth Sessions
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[Get On The Road] Panel Discussion at Aging Youth Sessions

We are invited to panel in [ Get on the Road!] segment of Aging Youth Sessions, which is a series of panels and workshops targeted at sharing information and knowledge with musicians and industry practitioners. The segment our director Aya will be speaking about our experiences managing tours. Why do you go on the road? What are things you should look out for? 

Moderator: Audrey Lim
Audrey first came to the public eye as an evening drive-time DJ on 91.3 as part of Rod Monterio and The Married Men. She is also an event host (F1 Puma Fashion Show); a singer (The Mad Men Attic Bar, Fabrika); a voiceover talent (clients including Volkswagon, SKII and Lipton, as well as video games including Grenada Espada); a musical theatre actress (Singapore Repertory Theatre’s Agamemnon, Toy Factory’s Romeo and Juliet) and an all-round problem solver.

a) Andy Inglis (Owner, 5000)
b) Aya Sekine (Director, Bon Goût Music)
c) Sebastian Mair (President, Music Solutions)

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1) Branding and Brands - 1:00pm
2) Get On The Road - 3:30pm

* First drink charges apply.
*To register for the Sessions, please log onto: 

The Aging Youth Sessions are open to everyone from musicians to music industry people to music lovers. Due to the limited space, we will be prioritising music artists and industry practitioners. 

Registration closing date will be Fri 16 March 2018.

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