On the 18th prior to the big AF MAIN SHOW CASE on the 19th, we have organised a informal yet enriching time for networking and discussion with our Japanese guest artists Electric Eel Shock and MUSIC FROM THE MARS members.



AYA FEST (AF) is a 2-day festival organised by Aya Sekine, a Singapore based Japanese jazz pianist, who is the director Bon Goût Music (BGM).

This is a celebration of Aya's venture of connecting Singapore and Japan’s independent music scenes, with the aim of developing larger and stronger community across the border, which she believes can make things more interesting, exciting and inspiring for both parties, as well as for audience and business partners whom are involved in the production.

[TOUR] Wicked Aura 'Aura In Effect' Japan Tour 2017

18-25 August

We have programmed, managed and marketed Singapore's rock band with Brazilian rhythm influences, Wicked Aura's inaugural Japan tour which included appearance at Summer Sonic 2017 (Tokyo). Throughout the tour Wicked Aura was match made with one of Japan's best alternative bands, aiming them to experience different artistic inspirations and cut into the Japanese music scene with impact. We have also produced a rhythm workshop partnering with Non-profit The Global Families Japan, which created a platform for cultural exchange through music with kids and families. 

8/18 (Fri) Akihabara Club Goodman
8/19 (Sat) Aoyama Moon Romantic
8/20 (Sun) Makuhari Messe:Summer Sonic 2017
8/23 (Wed) Shibuya Ruby Room
8/25 (Fri) Rhythm Workshop w/Wicked Aura @ STUDIO BAYD (Shimokitazawa)


8月18日 - 25日

世界有数の大型フェスに招かれ続ける雑多ながら強烈な音楽性を余すところなく収録した最新アルバム『Beginning The End(ビギニング・ジ・エンド』(2017) を提げ、2003年にシンガポールの路上で突然変異の様にして生まれた「人種、距離、言葉」を越境する 13人編成の音楽集団「ウィケッドオーラ」のサマーソニック2017出演を含む初来日ツアーの制作と運営そしてマーケティングを担当しました。

8/18 (金) 秋葉原クラブグッドマン: 初来日記念初日大宴会
8/19 (土) 青山月見ル君想フ : Ba Ba Batucada
8/20 (日) 幕張メッセ:Summer Sonic 2017
8/23 (水) 渋谷ルビールーム : WASACAFE
8/25 (金) リズムワークショップ w/Wicked Aura @ STUDIO BAYD

[TOUR] sub:shaman Apnea Japan Tour 2017

8 - 17 June 2017

Following the release of their debut full-length album, Apnea, Bon Goût Music has programmed and managed Singapore's alternative band sub:shaman 's first Japan tour. We have supported the booking, collaborations, visa documents arrangements and other on/off site management through out the tour. 

08 June | Tokyo | Aoyama Moon Romantic
10 June | Osaka | Madam Pisa
13 June | Fukouka | Fukouka UTERO
14 June | Kyoto | Kyoto GATTACA
15 June | Osaka | HOKAGE
17 June | Tokyo | Akihabara Club Goodman


6月8日 - 17日

sub:shaman 「APNEA」リリース記念 ジャパンツアー 


Cover photo : Shiho Aketagawa