[IN-HOUSE EVENT] SAIGENJI(Japan) Singapore Tour 2014

Bon Goût Music has organised yet another tour of a composer, guitarist, vocalist, an improvisor - a gifted and passionate Japanese performer SAIGENJI.

We have organised 3 separate tours of this talented artist in the past, which included performances at now defunct Jazz@Southbridge, Blu Jaz Cafe and Mosaic Music Festival at the Esplanade. The artist has wowed many fans and audiences in his previous visits, and for this come-back tour he has shared his music in with local Soul/Jazz/hiphop outfit L.A.B. (Listen And Believe) at Blu Jaz Cafe as well as a one-man show at KIZUKI+LIM at Raffles Hotel Arcade - plus a very special workshop at Lithe Paralogue.

We can't get enough of Saingeji and his music.